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Music Recording
Tune Schuifaf - VTM | Tune Lotto - Joker | Koninklijke Harmony St. Cecilia - Sowse voar Moedre
Katja Vandl - Dat is OK
| Big Noise - I Got To Go


Tune Schuifaf - VTM

This tune was composed and played live by “The Headlines” for the very popular
Children’s Corner “Shuifaf” at Belgium's Commercial TV station - VTM.
The track was produced by the world famous Chris Wauters.

Tune Lotto - Joker

This tune is the theme tune for the Lotto & Joker broadcasts in Belgium.
This 5-minute TV-show is aired twice a week
on both public TV-stations, VRT & RTBF.
Composed by Roel De Ruijter.


Pirana Projects - Alea Iacta Est

This is Frank Debruyne's project for the Pirana Concepts Communications Agency through their record label Pirana Records.

Songs featuring Jo Lemaire & Wim Opbrouck.

Photo's & samples of the recording process can be found on this dedicated webpage.

Please have a look at the Pirana Projects Offcial Website.



Koninklijke Harmony St. Cecilia - Krizzy

This is the working title for a very special Jazz project
that unfortunately hasn’t been released (yet).
It’s a one-take live recording, composed by Frank Deruyter (Sax)


Katja Vandl - Dat is OK

We tracked and mixed this album in 10 days.
Katja sang all 13 songs in a one day session.
Composed & Produced by Ruth Verhelst



Big Noise - I Got To Go

I’ve put this one in, purely for sentimental reasons.
Back in 1990, this was the first band we recorded in our brand new studio.
As you can hear, the SPX90 was a very popular unit at that time.
Composed & Produced by Alain Tandt.