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Radio ID's & Jingles

Post Production for Radio | Radio ID's & Jingles | Original Jingles

Post Production for Radio

Although this is no longer our core business anymore,
we still serve a large number of National& regional radio stations on a daily basis.
We create promos, trailers & liners for Belgium’s Radio 2 & RocFM in Northern France.


Radio ID's & Jingles

When it comes to Jingle packages and Station ID’s,
we can offer you the very best money can buy.
Temple Of Tune represents Jam Productions USA
and Top Format Productions The Netherlands
for Europe’s French speaking countries.

We don’t produce as many jingles as we did before,
but we simply refuse to lower our quality standards to keep up
with the ever decreasing pricing & quality offered by the competition.


RocFM – 2008 - Remix Custom - Long Versions (FR)

RocFM – 2008 - Remix Custom - Short Versions (FR)

RocFM – 2008 - Remix The Kit - Long Versions (FR)

RocFM – 2008 - Remix The Kit - Short Versions (FR)

Radio RDL – 2008 - Do It Again (FR)

Radio RDL – 2008 - Great Memories (FR)

RocFM – 2007 - Long Versions (FR)

RocFM – 2007 - Medium Versions (FR)

RocFM – 2007 - Short Versions (FR)

RocFM – 2007 - Shotguns (FR)

Antwerpen 1 – Introducs 2006 (BEL)
Maximum FM – 2006 (FR)
Radio Chablais – 2005 (CH)
FamilyRadio – 1991 (BEL)
Radio Cristal – (FR)
Eldoradio – (LUX)
Alpes 1 – (FR)
Direct – (FR)
MFM – (FR)
Contact X-mas (FR)
Rhône Fm (CH)
Hit West (FR)
Mona Fm – (FR)
Roc FM – (FR)
Vitamine (FR)
Radio Star (FR)

Top FM (FR)

Contact 2 (BEL)

Liners Roc FM (FR)

Contact FM Gold (FR)

Roxy (BEL)

Roc Fm 2004 (FR)