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Sound Design for TV & Movies Music Recordings Radio ID's & Jingles Radio Commercials
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From a DCP Mix to a high quality voice-over recording,
digital editing systems make changes and multiple versions simple.
And full-mix automation means that last year’s production can be updated easily for this year’s campaign.

All our recording and editing rooms are interconnected,
so that up to 4 engineers can work on the same project, at the same time.


Studio 1



Although packed with the latest technology,
the control room is spacious and comfortable,
giving clients a chance to relax.

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Studio 2

Studio 2 is the familiar workspace for voice-over recordings.

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Studio 3

We’ve taken a minimalist approach to this room.
It’s a powerful workstation that can be used for
pre-production, editing, spotting, radio productions, …
You can enjoy the daylight in there too which makes it very popular.

[ Equipment list ]


Studio 4


Studio 4 is a full blown Cinema Mx Room with THX approved equipment

We are fully equipped for handling 5.1, 7.1, Dolby Atmos & Auro 3D formats.

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Tracking Room

In the tracking room, video is projected onto a 2.5 meter screen,
making Foley recording, ADR & dubbing as easy as can be.
The talent feels comfortable and can concentrate fully on the performance.


Machine Room

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