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What more do we offer than the competition?

Besides working with people who have over 25 years of experience in the business,

you can take advantage of our know-how and flexibility which results in high quality productions.

Of course you can't be a "specialist" in every aspect of this business.

We don't have in house musicians, composers, copywriters or translators.

But we do know where to find the best man (or woman) for the job.

In other words, we take care of the entire production process, making sure that everything falls into place.

Temple Of Tune is your one-stop-shop; from recording your music to finishing your Surround Mix.

Our facilities aren't built to look nice and impress clients, they are built to meet your needs and ours as well as they possibly can.

(And by the way, we like that 80's look)

Our recording spaces comply with the highest acoustic standards and

our equipment is carefullyl chosen to make our jobs as easy as can be.

We have a studio for each specific purpose and can switch projects from studio to studio instantly.

But these are only tools, and tools are only as good as the people who use them.

We are proud to work for loyal clients for whom we always go that extra mile.

Actually, our regular clients always get priority over the "Urgent!!!_this_must_be_finished_by_tomorrow"-occasional customers.

In fact, we don't go for anything less than top quality, which means there are only two options.

Need it fast? - Then you have to be willing to pay a fair price for it.

We do not take on a job without being sure that we can guarantee you the well-known Temple Of Tune quality.

So, we might need more manpower, more resources and more backup.

Want it cheap? - Then you have to have a little patience.

If we can slide your job into the gaps in our shedule, we will offer you a (very) good price.

But you can't have it both ways.

We are good, we are fast, but we are not cheap. What we are... is cost-effective.

People like us are judged by our last production, which is why we always want today's job to be better than yesterday's.

And if we feel that it is impossible to meet our quality standards on a certain job,

then we just might refuse it.

As a good friend of mine said: "Always remember why you are in this business - Because it is fun!"

The fun is in making great productions, not in billing studio hours.


Fredo Gevaert - 2006






-Directing & Coaching

-Vocal Recording of any kind

-Composing, Arranging & Producing


Post Production

-ADR Recording

-Foley Recording (With inhouse Foley Artist)

-Foreign Language Dubbing

-Group Walla recording

-Sound Design of any kind


Surround Mixing

-Upmixing of Stereo Material to 5.1 Surround

-Dolby SR Mastering

-Dolby SRD Premixing

-Dolby SRD-EX Premixing

-Dolby Digital Encoding for DVD

-DTS Encoding for DVD

-Dolby Pro Logic II encoding for TV & DVD

-SRS Encoding for TV & DVD

- DVD Authoring


Music Recording

-Tracking & Multitracking



-Mastering (In association with Bob Katz)


Audio Restauration

-Cleaning up & denoising of any kind of Audio recording

-Recovering of Forensic Audio

-Restoring & decrackling of Vinyl recordings