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Script Timer


ScriptTimer is an application for calculating the estimated time of a script.

An indispensable tool for everybody who writes and produces Radio & TV commercials.

ScriptTimer is very easy to use and is loaded with very handy tools.



Copy/paste your script into ScriptTimer to calculate the time it takes to read it.



Numbers (0 to 9), Euro sign (€), Dollar sign ($) and percentage sign (%) are "illegal" characters.

They should be fully written out for accurate calculation of the length.



Even with illegal characters present in the script, the calculation will be executed, but the estimated time won't be accurate.



Highlight a portion of the text to "format" it, allowing you to add detailed information and additional parameters for correct computation.



Highlight those parts of the text (directions, pronunciations, music cues, etc) you do not wish to be included in the calculation.



You can insert jingle, music or tag-on passages. Format them accordingly to define their lengths for accurate computation.


ScriptTimer runs under Java and is Mac & PC compatible.

ScriptTimer can be purchased at 25€ through Temple Of Tune.

A fully working trial version is provided upon request.


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