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Facilities - Equipment List - Machine Room
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  • B&B and Wordclock generator: Rosendahl Nanosync
  • Synchroniser: C-Labs Timebase
  • Synchroniser: Nuendo Timelock Pro
  • Gallery VVTR  (With Blackmagic Decklink Extreme)
  • Gallery ADR Studio
  • Synchronos Ritmo Tape
  • DPS Reality (Non-compressed video on a VTR)
  • Panasonic AG-DV2500 (DV & Mini DV Player)
  • Data Video DAC-10 Format Converter
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CS3
  • Adobe Encore DVD CS3
  • Adobe Photoshop CS3
  • Pinnacle DV500
  • Blackmagic Decklink Pro
  • AV Transfer
  • SSL Pro Convert
  • Virtual Katy Conforming/Reconforming
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